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Coursera provides online access to the world’s best education. More than 20 million learners from around the globe have come to Coursera to take courses offered by its partners, universities like the University of Pennsylvania, Yale, Johns Hopkins, Princeton, and top international universities.

Coursera provides online access to the world’s best education

Launch your career in Cloud Architecture. Design, develop, and manage cloud solutions.

Operates in nearly every country in the world.

Learners on Coursera can purchase Course Certificates (ranging from $29 to $95), which provide identity verification and official recognition from university partners once a learner completes a course.

Learn about the fundamentals of developing and securing APIs using the Google Cloud Platform.

In addition to hundreds of courses, Coursera offers Specializations -- targeted sequences of courses in high-demand subject areas including data science, business foundations, digital marketing, software engineering.

Each Specialization concludes with a final project often developed in collaboration with a corporate partner such as Google, Instagram, or Snapdeal.

Specializations range in price from $275 to $595 and are attractive to a growing number of professionals who seek timely, relevant education throughout their lives and careers.

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QuickStart’s mission is to help IT organizations and professionals improve performance excellence and career growth with the industry’s only multi-modality, AI-based IT learning and development platform.